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ManualPen: Single piece of metal turned into everlasting pen


ManualPen was born as a challenge to create a truly unique writing instrument- a fully functional pen machined out of one solid piece of metal.


Something that you would be proud to own and pass for generations.   

It has no separate parts inside that could ever break- just the solid metal body and rechargeable cartridge. This ensures it will serve more than a lifetime. 

As Einstein once said: ''Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.''

Fisher Space pen refill

Equipped with the pressurized Fisher Space Pen refill that ensures the pen will write in any condition- hot or cold temperatures, upside down, underwater and even in zero gravity. In simple words- it won't let you down!

fisher closeup2.jpg

''Contains Fisher Space Pen® Pressurized Ink Cartridge

'Fisher’ and ‘Space Pen’ are trademarks of Fisher Pen Co. Boulder City, NV U.S.A.''


For the ManualPen cartridge is just as important as the casing because it serves as a part of the pen's opening mechanism. The Fisher Space cartridge is the perfect fit because of its durable metallic body and universal writing qualities.

Unique fixing mechanism

We have designed a unique cartridge fixing mechanism that holds it securely in the pen while allowing you to easily slide the cartridge in and out.

To switch between writing mode and closed position simply slide out the cartridge and turn it around.

open vs close.jpg
There are two diameter bores inside the pen so the cartridge could slide deeper when in closed position and stay out in writing mode.
The slightly bent clip puts a light pressure on the cartridge preventing it from sliding out of the pen's body. At the same time, it is super easy to slide the cartridge with your fingertip.
Exceptional precision

The inside bore is machined with the highest precision so that there are no unnecessary movements between body and cartridge. The tip stays still ensuring the best writing experience.

With our CNC machines, we are able to achieve such level of precision that is rarely found in regular everyday objects. You’ll instantly notice minutely milled lines and smooth surface texture upon touching ManualPen for the first time!
Pen sleeve

Each pen comes with a specially designed leather sleeve that makes a perfect addition to it.

The stainless steel clip on the back side allows to attach it to your favorite notebook and always carry the ManualPen with you. 

green sleeve.jpg
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